The best prices on our demo bikes ever

December is Bike sale month, perfect time for the demo bikes to top our list of deals!


All sale bikes are listed at the CASH price.

Of course, All credit cards are welcome for an additional fee of 3%

this demo bike sale list is growing over the next few days. please see the bigger half coming in the next few hours.

Custom bamboo, brass and leather. Quite handsome don’t you think?

Custom bamboo, brass and leather. Quite handsome don’t you think?

Finding a beautiful bike at the right time and price... wow!

Perfect season for cycling

Some wornderful things are found when you are out there.

Footforward step-thu

Matching pair available 

Single speed coaster beachy bike. Ultra low step-thru & foot/forward design allows a low seat height so you can put your feet down flat when stopped yet the seat is at the correct position for easy peddling.

Simple coaster brake, fenders and enclosed chain guard are perfect for our flat "beachy" area. Take your items along in the handlebar bag and your java in the cup holder. Of course a bell is included.

Regular price as equipped $508

Save $150 now

2 are available, fully equipped for $358 ea.

Folders for the world

Matching pair available

7 speed, high quality for a fast wonderful ride and simple folding. The superior quality to folders found at the Camping World is dramatic. Boasting super nice lights that blend in so well & charge via usb. With the seat bag and rear rack you will be able to really use this bike around your destinations.

Because travel is more fun with two, you should buy the pair as the combo comes with a great pump with gauge. (these are high pressure tires and need air weekly)

Regular price as equipped was $548

Save $150 now

2 at this price each $398

Get the pump free when buying both

Recumbent 26/20 Custom Equipped


Fast 24 speeds of true all day comfort. This recumbent is fully adjustable and the mesh seat-back is dry and cool. This recumbent's inherent natural neck and back position is not only ergonomic, you will love how many more birds and the nature you will see!  Take cameras, picnics and such as the rear rack will handle the gear you will want for whole days. Also comes with a cyclocompter, pump with gauge, kickstand, lock, & mirror.

Reg. well equipped price $1,466

Save $200

Only one at this price $1,266

Bamboo, brass & leather custom

Elegant Ladies Custom Tourist with Bamboo fenders, leather grips, brass bell, Bamboo rack with shoulder strap for off bike use, allow rear rack and double center kickstand.

 Simply beautiful!

Customized regular price was $629

Save $150

Only one at this price $479

Bamboo, brass & leather custom

Handsome Custom Tourist with bamboo fenders, leather whisky grips, solid brass bell, leather & chrome water cage, classic frame pump by Park, stainless java holder, alloy rear rack, suspension seat post and a double center kickstand.

Customizrd regular price was $740

Save $200 

Only one at this price $540

you will love the high quality of all of my bikes

Tadpole Trike / Disk brakes, 7 speed

Fast and fun!

Mesh seat-back is very adjustable, cool and comfortable. You will see more nature than ever on each ride. Spend all day with these installed options of backlit cycling computer, dual alloy water bottle cages, rear-view mirror, rear seat bag and tail light.

Regular fully equipped price $1,186

Save $200

Only one at this price $986

Beach Cruiser

Beachy bike 7 speed, foot/forward design = lower seat for more comfort. Color shifting paint goes form purplepink-glossymetalicgrey. Bamboo basket with shoulder strap, front rack, water cage, & bell. Smooth Style!

Regular full equipped price $557

Save $150

Only one at this price $407

matching mens (red) available

All bikes are serviced and tested

Each bikes has been tested to assure perfect function before you take delivery. You should take a test ride too

Keep spray lubes away!

More on this later.

NO WD-40

Rear wheel only!!! when using a parking rack

Don't ruin your wheel and paint job by putting your front wheel in the bike rack & don't park next to someone who has. Their bike will be tipped over with a bent wheel by the time you return.


Every one of these bikes needs air weekly due to air seeping thru the rubber at over 5psi per week. The skinny tires loose more than 10psi per week. Save yourself the flats and sapped speed of low tires.

Beachy crusin'

Beach Cruiser custom

Glide in style with bamboo rear rack, water cage and front rack with optional matching bamboo inlay. Foot/forward design. 

Regular custom equipped price $615

Save $150

custom now $465 

    (front bamboo option +$89)

American Tourist

Burnt orange


price to follow


American Tourist

Blue haven


price to follow


Law Enforcer

MODEL: Custom 20" by Smith & Wesson. This is their top of the line patrol bicycle.

Add a suspension seat post, front fenders and trunk bag to this awesome steed for some serious savings. 

High performance and high comfort for all day rides. Dual disk brakes.

Regular packge price $1,245

Save $250

Demo package sale $995

Law Enforcer

MODEL: Smith & Wesson Perimeter 18"

All day comfort in a package proven everyday.

Add front fenders and locking trunk box to this package for BIG savings.

Regular package price $558

Save $200

As equipped now $358

friends don 't let friends ride junk

Simple 7

7 speed simplicity & Foot/Forward design. Our local flat streets and trails are not asking for many gears if you ride casually. Try the comfort in an easy package. Include a pump, lock, and helmet for all the right reasons.

Regular package price $416

Save $125

Package sale price $291

Foot/Forward and then some

 Get around town in style and comfort. The springer seat can stay low and still be correct for proper leg extension due to the foot/forward design,  

Equipped with crate style front basket, water-bottle cage, bell & lock.   21 speeds.

Regular price as equipped $528

Save $150

Now priced nicely equipped $378


Get around town in style and comfort. The springer seat can stay low and still be correct for proper leg extension due to the foot/forward design, 

Equipped with water bottle cage, frame pack, lock and bell.  21 speeds.

Regular price as equipped $512

Save $150

Demonstrator price $362